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Oceanus lingerie

Designed with the intention of turning heads, this swimwear evokes a sense of self-expression reflecting the powerful, confident attitude of 80’s glamour evening.

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Moye lingerie

Silk basics, perfect for lounging, traveling & sleeping. High quality and timeless designs make products to last. The brand's mission is to create seasonless pieces to wear all year long.

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Miss Outt lingerie

Mix-and-match lingerie and swimwear sets for daily wear. Animal patterns perfectly combine with romantic floral fragments while silhouettes emphasize body lines.

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Luks Linen lingerie

Lüks supports niche communities of weavers and family ateliers in Turkey where their products are made. The brand blends heritage, rich cultural narrative and contemporary design.

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Louise Coleman lingerie

Influenced by wildlife, fairytales and folklore, the brand uses hand rendered illustrations and paintings to create print designs for its statement pieces with Japanese inspired details.

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Eberjey lingerie

Derived from a nigerian parable, Eberjey captures the closeness, goodness, and joy. The brand aims to create pretty underthings in girly-sexy-comfy style that flatter real bodies and feel good.

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Kat Zarra lingerie

Kat Zarra offers jewelry infused lingerie combining fine silk underpinnings and lacy little things with semi precious metal and fine jewelry elements hand casted in New York.

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Klements lingerie

Luxury silks and cashmeres with designs, hand painted and drawn, or created using the photography and then digitally printed to create a strange, progressive beauty.

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Jessica Russell Flint lingerie

Inspired by life’s eccentricities, the brand brings bright colours and wild concepts into its silk sleepwear, clothes, and accessories. The ethos behind it is to make the most of life.

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Holistic Silk lingerie

Therapeutic and beautiful Silk range that performs sleep, beauty and wellness benefits combining design, holistic know-how, a touch of je ne sais quoi and true craftsmanship.

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GuanAnAn London lingerie

Brand focused on prints in rich colours on luxurious materials. Contemporary illustrations are based on ancient oriental mythologies and originally designed by hand drawing.

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Genevie lingerie

Luxury print-focused brand features original artwork created with watercolours, ink, pastels, collage and photography by Sydney-based designer Anna Bowring and inspired by nature.

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