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Dana Pisarra lingerie

Knit underwear with contemporary style: innovative models, yarns, cuts and colours, preserving the craftsmanship and the love for the sartorial tradition of luxury knitwear.

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Absidem lingerie

The idea of play is at the basis of the brand's philosophy, bringing to the surface the sensuality of every day life instead of just the private sphere and interchanging it with glamour.

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Valery lingerie

Beachwear strongly linked to three main elements: elegance, sensuality and luxury, which elevate and distinguish Valery collections.

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Miradonna lingerie

Shaping swimwear and beachwear with innovative silhouettes made from a light and soft fabric Mirashape and Italian flare coming from vibrant prints and stylish designs.

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La Perla lingerie

Historical fashion house offering luxury lingerie, loungewear, and beachwear. La Perla brand name became iconic, with some collaborations with designers being true haute couture.

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Nymphea Lingerie Couture lingerie

Haute couture lingerie decorated with embroidery and beading where manual work plays a role of primary importance with vintage vibe of aristocracy and romantic atmosphere. Website is down! But i hope it will be up...

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Ludovica Martire lingerie

“Ludovica Martire - made in pain” expresses dark and sensual aesthetic, exploring sides of woman femininity and sexuality through the combination of leather, metal and embroideries.

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Rosamosario lingerie

Rosamosario thinks and dyes its colours with roses as the main theme of prints and hand-made silk decorations. It has been creating also custom products for royals and celebrities.

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0770 lingerie

Italian leather brand making its garments with the most advanced technologies but always refining and assembling by hand, getting digital handcraft.

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Cristina Aielli lingerie

Individually designed and handcrafted in Italy, each garment is a unique work of art, made of plenty of precious black or white lace appliques hand-sewn on see-through skin-toned tulle.

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Veronica De Luca lingerie

Hot couture lingerie with no padding or underwire revealing natural woman's body curves. It is pieced with the finest silk and embroidered tulle, Swarovsky pearls.

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For Restless Sleepers lingerie

F.R.S pajamas and dresses are meant to be worn anywhere. Pure silk and virgin wool printed with intricate designs. It is a dress and a non-dress, a well-thought-out blend of chic and freedom.

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