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il Felino lingerie

Own brand of Japanese store iL Felino. Products combine lace with satin, velvet, wide elastics, and encourage wearing as outerwear. Garter-inspired chokers also support the style.

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Pasquet lingerie

An underwear brand established in Paris, France and producing its garments in Japan from silk and cotton with a focus on high quality and durability.

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Ravijour lingerie

Japanese lingerie offering a wide variety of colourful decorations including lace appliques, ribbon bows, floral patterns, and strappy details.

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GEMINItale lingerie

Lingerie brand aiming to introduce new lingerie culture in Japan, with women changing their characters, looks and style as they wish. GEMINItale also designs clothes to match with underwear.

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maimia lingerie

Japanese lingerie combining satine with transparency of lace and mesh. Bras provide a pushup effect or form a plunge, most of them have also pockets for additional pads.

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K+1% lingerie

Cozy velvet lingerie for period days. All panties have a leakproof insert inside and feature designs with generous coverage complimented with stylish cutouts and matching bra.

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an.g lingerie

Romantic lingerie with Japanese view of retro style, own brand of ilFelino store. Simple designs feature plenty of lace, velvet, and satin decorated with ruffles and bows.

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Akiko Ogawa Lingerie lingerie

Tokyo-based Japanese brand Akiko Ogawa explores the delicacy and intricacy of high grade Japanese lace. Pieces are decorated also with subtle bows, beads, and appliques.

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Albâge Lingerie lingerie

"Japonepian" lingerie made in Japan with European aesthetics in mind. The brand associates its products with "skin jewellery" focusing on sheer and natural materials.

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Basara lingerie

Pieces designed in New York and made in Japan exclusively from French silk satin fabrics. All items are hand-tailored seamlessly from both front and back side.

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