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Le Journal Intime lingerie

Unique shapewear and wireless lingerie brand; a combination of shapewear effect and French style aesthetics. Stretch materials and lace shape the figure effectively and emphasize silhouette.

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True Sisters lingerie

Brand with a motto "For sister feelings and friendly treatment of the body." Cotton comfy underwear with soft bralettes and high-waisted briefs. Bright colours and simple sizing.

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SeaTales lingerie

Colourful one-piece swimsuits designed to be comfortable for activewear. All prints are made by unique designs considering the anatomy and beauty of female body.

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Petra lingerie

Russian brand offering both basic mesh collection for everyday wear and luxurious pieces made of silk and lace, with body jewelry of beads, chains, and Majorica pearls.

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Naked Letters lingerie

Beautifully impractical lingerie made from the finest tulle. Transparent pieces with subtle or contrasting seams were designed to become gifts for the loved ones sent from afar.

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Hedonism Girls lingerie

Accessories turning routines into rituals. Luxurious eyemasks for sleep and meditation made of embroidered cotton velvet with silk lining and aromatic sachet inside.

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To be woman lingerie

Elegant (and sometimes funny) loungewear by the brand with big deal of humour and self-irony alongside with beautiful art directing. Great accessories collaborations too.

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Yoyuu lingerie

Comfortable lingerie and loungewear and basic clothes made from cotton jersey. The brand uses penye-quality jersey made of long cotton fibers, smooth and nice to the touch.

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MyMokondo lingerie

The brand started as manufacturer of strappy harnesses designed to be worn with lingerie or without under or over clothes. Now it offers a wider assortment.

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Bureau de Tricoti lingerie

Warm knitted lingerie, thin enough in order not to be noticeable under the clothes. This Moscow brand uses high quality Italian yarn to make sexy lingerie functional in winter.

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Crystal Eyez lingerie

Transparent lingerie, clothes, and hosiery generously decorated with scatters of Swarovski crystals, shiny sequins, beads, and feathers. Everything "extra".

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UnderLemons lingerie

UnderLemons' team believes that breast size matters, and small and large cups require different designs, not just size. The brand designs soft underwear without push-ups from silk and mesh.

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